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Reviews Of The Cafe du Nord Show - February 15th, 2008

Wow! The opening Was (Not Was) gig of 2008 rocked! One of many
priceless moments was when Sweet Pea, Sir Harry, and Donald Ray first
really let loose their glorious 3-party harmony on Where Did Your
Heart Go. Don briefly burst into this million-dollar smile that
seemed to say “I’ve been waiting a long time to hear that sound on
stage again.” Or maybe I was projecting.

Still, it was glorious. The last tour was fantastic but nothing beats
having all the singers back in the band. Randy was smoking as always,
Jamie did some guitar-sounding keyboard solos that I would love to
figure out how he did, and the new guys on drums and sax fit right
in. Our Beloved Leaders performed and presided in fine style.

Michael G.
Just got home from the 7:30 show at the
Cafe du Nord. The band was smokin! The set list had a great mix of old and new tunes. Although the club was small, everyone was moving to the music. I saw Was(Not Was) in the mid 80’s at the I-Beam in San Francisco and 20 years later they are just as good. I can’t wait to get the new record.

Jeffrey M

I went to the late show, which was also a lot of fun. It was great to
see the band in a small venue (but I gotta say, it was still half
empty — maybe because it was a Wednesday at 10:30pm, and the day
before Valentine’s Day. . .). All the guys looked like they were
having a swell time. The set ran just under 90 minutes.

Here’s the setlist (same as the early show).
*Spoiler Alert!*
This is also the setlist for tonight’s LA show (to be followed by a
few songs with Brian Wilson and then a few with Kris Kristofferson) .

Was (Not Was)
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA
Feb. 13, 2008 (Wed.)
late show

National Anthem intro > Hello Operator
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
I Feel Better Than James Brown
Where Did Your Heart Go?
Hello Dad > Carry Me Back To Old Morocco
Crazy Water
Semi Interesting Week
(Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks
Walk The Dinosaur
I Blew Up The United States > Sunshine Superfly >
I Blew Up The United States
Tell Me That I’m Dreaming >
Robot Girl >
Wheel Me Out

11 Mph
Knocked Down, Made Small

Don Was (bass)
David Was (flute, harp, vox)
Sweetpea Atkinson (vox)
Sir Harry Bowens (vox)
Donald Ray Mitchell (vox)
Randy Jacobs (gtrs)
Jamie Mahoberac (kbds)
[young English guy] (saxes)
James Gadson (drums)

Michael Z

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