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Boo! Fair Hearing? - April 6th, 2008

Reminiscent of their masterwork album ‘What Up Dog?’, this new set is after a 16-year wait MORE than welcome. Recorded here and there over a long period, there is no lack of cohesion and everything this strange crew do is well-represented here and no fan will be disappointed. Savour the deep soul balladry that so echoes The Impressions but maybe whisked away to a solar platform gazing at Planet Funk ; the nod to Bootsy on ‘Your Luck Won’t Last’ – surely a great campaign song for Mr McCain ? – exemplifying the skewed disco vibe Was Not Was often hit. Smile at opener ‘Semi-interesting Week’ and MC5 guitar honcho Wayne Kramer trying not to sound like Wayne Kramer…have your heart broken by the sad story unfolding on ‘From the Head To the Heart’ sung I think by Donald Ray Mitchell. With other vocalists dapper Sweet Pea Atkinson and (are you related to Philip Banks?) Sir Harry Bowens aboard, you have to ask – what other group has THREE singers you would cross town to see ? In one lineup.

Pete Sargeant – Fair Hearing

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