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Farm Aid – 1990 - February 7th, 2005

Was (Not Was) (with Kenny Aronoff on drums )backed up Iggy Pop, John Hiatt and, with just Kenny Aronoff & Don Was, Lou Reed, at Farm Aid in 1990. They performed two songs as a band, (Papa was a Rolling Stone, and possibly, Walk the Dinosaur). Then acording to Don…. “as dick clark was introducing him, iggy snuck up behind the emcee and gave him a swift kick to the ass – on live national tv. having been warned that any obscene outbursts would result in being cutoff and replaced with commercials, iggy made it safely thru “home” from the “Brick by Brick” album. his subsequent introduction of “I wanna be your dog” – featuring the word fuck about 5 times – caused that song to be blacked out. Then hiatt came out & sang “thru Your hands” which I had just recorded with David Crosby. can’t remember what his second song was or what we did with lou reed……”

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